Friday, October 17, 2008

Going to See the Grandchildren

Lots has been happening. Lots of prayers have been said. Some seem to be being answered. We'll see. God has His own time frame and we often don't understand it.

HOWEVER! How things turn out is partly in our hands and partly in His. We will trust in His grace to guide, direct, protect, help, etc. as we work our best to do His will to the best of our understanding. (We always have much room for improvement in that area.)

But, we are going to see the grandchildren tomorrow! Can't wait! They're in a new location, state, town, environment, etc. Son-in-law says the hardwood trees are in splendorous color and we should really enjoy the drive. We're looking forward to that as well.

I made a lot of "picture cards" which my daughter will help (or do because I might get in the way) laminate so I can play games with the children. I've thought that matching cards of things that go together might be kind of fun. I have a picture of a house and one of their family. I have a picture of our house and individual pictures of their family and ours. And a lot of other pictures, as well. Like one of a tablet and one of a pencil (can you tell why that might be? Big surprise, I'm sure!) One of a spoon and one of a bowl of gumbo. I'm sure it's easy to figure out for us BIG kids.

The next game I thought of entails the children picking several cards and then telling us a story using the various chosen cards. I hope it will work and be fun for them. I love telling stories and listening to those that others tell as well. There should be plenty of pictures to choose from--I have about 80 or 90!

If it all goes well, I'll report back. If it doesn't, I might report back anyway!


Debby said...

oh. golly. not sure how it fell off my 'history'. I lost you. I saw your name, and went "oh!" and popped over. Not sure what is happening where you are PW, but my prayers are w/ you and yours.

Pencil Writer said...

Debby, As you know, life happens and when our children have challenges, some of their own making, some simply by living in this wonderous, challenging world of ours, we pray that they (our children) will do what is right/best for them with the help of their Father in Heaven. We pray for His assistance constantly. We hope the youngest two find gailful employment and get/stay healthy. And we pray that we do all that the Lord expects us to do along the way.

And, I have a nephew leaving for Iraq in 2.5 weeks.

Thanks, too, for your prayers. They're always appreciated. And I pray for you, too. I even taught a class on prayer last night to college age young people (like I do most Thursdays!) We had a good discussion. Many scriptures and quotes from General Authorities in the Church enlightened our understanding a little more on that subject. What a great gift being able to converse with our Heavenly Father truely is!