Monday, May 5, 2008

Project: Please Pick Pleasing Peaches

Thursday last week was getting hot and the peaches looked ready for picking. I did not want nature ruining my small crop of delectable fruit. I enlisted my son's assistance in the project. There were only 3 dozen or so peaches to be picked, the very best looking and largest ones nearest the top of the tree, right? Well, you have to figure on that.

Since we neither fertilized nor sprayed for bugs, I supposed you could say these peaches are 100% organically grown--which basically equates to: "leave 'em alone and see what happens." What happened is, quite honestly, most if not all had worms. Aside from that, after disposing of the obnoxious little critters and the peach flesh they destroyed, I gloried in the absolute joy of tasting the luscious, richly peachy sweetness of the ripened fruit! Those peaches sampled were extremely delicious! I sliced the ripest ones yesterday and left their greener siblings to ripen a bit more.

This variety of peach--Sam Houston--is VERY tasty, I must say. I've eaten peaches of various varieties. FRESH from the tree is ALWAYS superior to store-bought. ALWAYS! Peaches have to be one of my MOST favorite fruits in all the world. After all, WHAT, I ask, compares to a peach? A wonderful, fully ripe, dripping with sweet juices peach?

Saturday I treated myself to a bowl of Cream O' Wheat with freshly sliced peaches. It was SO GOOD! If I'd really been thinking, however, I'd have poured on a little fresh cream to boot. I wasn't thinking. Sigh.

Maybe this evening for dessert we'll have some fresh peaches and cream. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Hope your day is peachy-keen!


Amy said...

Why dontcha stop already. I want some fresh peaches. We've barely gotten out of freezing weather.

debby said...

MMMMMmmm. Peaches. Lucky duck!

Ashley said...

Wow, that sounds really good. It is still too cool here to get anything yummy.

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