Thursday, May 22, 2008

Good Intentions

I've been planning to post for nearly two weeks now. So, yes, now you see proof of how slooooooooooow I am at getting around to things. I saw some pretty cool things--like a momma mocking bird and her three little hungry, demanding babies. Did I have a camera to record my view? Heck no! The camera was with my husband 200 miles away. Great, right? Well, after all, it is HIS camera. Darn. Why can't we afford 2? Well, life is!

So, IF I get really lucky, and industrious, I'll see if the little feathered babes are still housed in the nest in the fig tree. I watched Momma resting on the wire outside my kitchen window with bugs in her mouth and knew she'd been endlessly busy feeding her brood, but I never caught her at it again. Sob. :( We'll see how things go later today. My "to do" list is ever so long.

Plus I have pictures to take and post of all the flowers and other plants my sweetheart bought in honor of Mother's Day--on the day prior to--which we set out in pots, etc. I was surprised and very pleased for his thoughtful kindness. (He's like that sometimes just to keep me on my toes, I think. Surprising me with stuff like that.) How can one NOT enjoy lots of flowers? (Okay--alergy suffering people may have issues--including me with SOME flowering plants--but the beauty kind of outclasses the misery--for the most part. Right?)

Till I get the pictures, then? Have a lovely weekend--soon. Right. Today is only Thursday. So, OKAY, have a fun weekend ON the weekend. Or is that, DURING the weekend?

We'll actually be helping move our youngest daughter from college--she just GRADUATED! HURRAY! She's moving back home till she locates a job. Wish her luck. Then, we'll have to help her move out--again. Like I mentioned before, LIFE IS!


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