Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Tangled Oaks, et al

Had to add more picture(s) to show how much this one tree filled up my driveway and yard as it came to rest. We were so fortunate that it didn't crash into the house and only ruined an old truck--which has, by the way--been replaced with a nicer, bigger, newer model--and most unfortunately, as I mentioned earlier, tangled with and ruined the live oak, the juniper bush and my beloved redbud. This beloved redbud was planted when it, and my then eighteen month old son were the same height. My son grew, but not nearly so tall as that redbud before its demise. It must have been a good thiry feet tall when it went down. Sob, sob. I miss that tree.

Before it went down, however, I never knew how determined to survive some species of tree can be!!! There's just this little stump of the tree left, and it continues to put out new shoots! It looks kind of ridiculous trying to grow--now that its damaged and all--but it's putting up a fight! My husband is planning to remove it--I don't think he EVER really liked it--when he gets around to it. Some health problems have combined to make that issue a little more difficult, but in due time, we'll get around to re-landscaping. I know we will! Don't know just when, but I know we will!! In fact, redbuds, I've discovered, indescriminately cast their seed all over the place, so we have a lot of little fledgling redbuds scattered around which I hope to transplant to the back yard against the foresty edge of our property. Maybe that way my husband won't object and try to eliminate them altogether. I really don't understand his dislike for something so pretty. We all have our druthers, I suppose.

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