Monday, January 21, 2008

Snow Down South!

Wow! My husband and I were in Jackson, Mississippi, this weekend and we saw SNOW! Felt SNOW--and it got in my mouth and eyes as it blew. It was COLD! Blowing and cold! I'm trying to remember the last time I was in a snow storm--in the South. Hmmmmmm. I don't remember. Of course, I DO remember the last blizzard I was in. Back in '94, my father died and we were traveling to Utah for his funeral.

We saw some of the most interesting weather I'd ever seen before. Around Dove Creek, Colorado, which is very high in elevation--a beautiful bean farming area--we saw some of the blackest, threating, nearly on the ground storm clouds you can imagine. It was raining, thundering, raining, sleeting and snowing! And if that weren't enough, we saw rainbows! Honest! We saw rainbows! It was stunning, awesome and intriguing! I'd never seen it before, nor since that time.

That trip had some really unique experiences, actually. Later that same night, in November 1994, we were traveling along I-70, not far from Moab, Utah. One of my brother advised us that the mountain pass we normally traveled through was closed. I personally haven't seen too many bucks in the wild. Maybe none. Does, yes. Bunches. Bucks, no. Anyway, this big guy was probably an elk. He had a rack of horns that was huge. Really humongus! There were two or three does ahead of HIM in the median and a few does behind him. But he BACKED UP a step or two as our van approached. Honest. We had three of our four children with us in the van on that trip. They slept during this portion of the trip, so contemplating the possibilities for our family on that night . . . Well, you can imagine.

A few miles down the road my husband asked, "Did you see the deer?" "Yeah." "Do you know what would have happened if that buck had been in the road?" Uhhhhhh it wouldn't have been good." "We would all be dead right now." "Yeah?" "Didn't you see the SIZE of that guy?"

Well, it would have been gruesom, I'm sure. I'm SO grateful we're here today to talk about it! So blessed! I know lots of people were praying for our safety on that trip. Well, I credit their prayers--and ours--with the Lord's providential care.

Only thing is, my husband's version of this incident is quite intriguing! It has morphed over the years. It's far more entertaining that my rendition, but then, I'll let him tell it. Sometime. And I'll turn the other direction and try to keep a straight face. I love my husband. And...his story is, as I said, more entertaining!

How I wish I had a picture of that huge buck! He had a rack of horns, I tell you . . .

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Mike said...

That was probably the same snow I saw on a Saturday morning in Liberty Miss. which is close to McComb. I woke up on the enclosed back porch of my parents' place with 2 inches of snow on the ground! Highly unusual.