Friday, February 25, 2011

Mid-Winter Summer

Yeah.  We've had strange weather--like so many others.  We were promised horrendous, bad wintry weather--which we were blessed to not have happen so much right here.  But we did have cold enough weather that our fireplace was kept going 24/7 for a least a week.  (And our electric bill was about $100 more than the previous month anyway!)

Then . . . we somehow had a heat wave!  We'd had temps down in the teens at night with high's in the twenties during the day.  This past week, however, we had highs in the high seventies and even broke out in 80 degree weather for one afternoon!  Lows in the mid sixites.  It's weird.  Today we started out in the high forties!  YES!  Loved it!  And we're promised a high of only sixty something.  More like my kind of weather.

I'm grateful it has not been so severe that there's been loss of life due to weather in our area.  There has been so much disastrous weather/loss of life and property in other parts of the country.  My heart goes out to each and every family so affected.

Hope your weather is not destructive wherever you are.  And I'd still like a little more of the cooler, more wintry, seasonally based weather--IF I could.  But, since it's not up to me, I'll enjoy what I can--when and however the weather comes--that will be.

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