Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Tonight I'm really exhausted.  There's been the flu to deal with for a week--and a 6 lb loss for me.  Ugh.  I'm trying to calorie-up, but have to take it one day at a time.  Of course, I think I feel the need for and hear a bowl of chocolate ice cream calling my name.  I heard it earlier tonight and turned a deaf ear, but it is beginning to be insistent and I may just have to go hush it up in person, with spoon in hand!

Last couple of days we have had wet and warmer weather.  Tonight, I believe the weather is turning cooler--like maybe dipping JUST below the freezing mark around daybreak tomorrow and the rains are predicted to return.  Tomorrow night we're to expect lows in the mid to low 20's.  Fun.  I'll be sure to wrap up and pack warm clothes for the trip to Jackson, MS for the antique bottle show on Saturday.  I want to avoid health relapses, thank you!

The full moon was very cool looking this evening.  My husband said it looked to him a bit like a werewolf kind of moon the way the gray clouds seemed to scratch across its face.  He might have a point.  Where's my silver spike?  Or wolfbane?  Or good sense to not get too excited about mythological weirdos?

Must be the haunting call of chocolate ice cream once again.  Okay, by golly!  I'm coming.  NOW!

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Bob said...

A six-pound weight loss? Can I come let you breathe on me?????

Yep, chocolate ice cream sounds like to perfect remedy to me. You have earned it.

Feel better.