Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bubble Blowing Skills

Yesterday and today Blue Eyes and Little Britches (and Miss Noodle.  She was inside doing her homework like a good, industrious girl should while I had the camera out!) got into bubble blowing.  The weather was superb, though the breeze did manage to make the task at hand a little more challenging.  Blue Eyes figured out the best way to make BIG bubbles.

  Little Britches struggled with the skills of older sibling.  He tried blowing fast and furiously, which availed little more than frustrating disappointment time and time again.  That was yesterday.  Today, however, evidence shows that someone developed greater patience and skill.

Look at the concentration!  Look at that success!!  Yay!  Little Britches, you rock!

Look at that level of concentration.

Blue Eyes:  "See, you have to concentrate . . ."

Little Britches:  "Like this?"

"I got it!"

Grandma tried various spots in the yard:  In the sun; In the shade. Close up.  Further away.  It didn't seem to matter much.  I missed so many bubbles by the time the shutter clicked.  (I had to practice a little patience and skill improvement, too!)  But, I'm glad I got the few I think are pretty good.

It was good recreation out in the wonderful fresh air and sunshine!  I'm thinking of investing in about a gallon of the bubbly stuff!

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