Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Two or Three Kid Workout

During the last few days, I've revived the two or three kid workout for my exercise routine. Let me explain . . .

The three grandchildren who live with us, ages 2, 4 and 6, are rather lively and full of energy as children of those ages are and should be. We were recently on a trip and as we waited for Mom to get her shower (etc.) readying for our departure, the youngest required some "entertainment" to keep him from terrorizing the cousin's apartment we were staying in--after she'd already departed for work. This youngest young'n loves to be chased, which I indulge him in knowing I have need of physical aerobic exercise myself. The beauty of the dynamic here is that his legs are considerably faster than my own but much shorter, so for every several steps he takes at a good rate only requires a corresponding step or two from me. (Yay!)

Since the aforementioned apartment was facilitated with a "round" traffic pattern through the living quarters and kitchen area, it was perfect for the chase which changed direction multiple times as Grandma matched wits with him and his siblings as they each joined the game er...exercise. There were great and abundant amounts of joyful squealing and giggles throughout the process as Grandma would post herself in a spot at one corner or another trying to surprise them as they came around to discover them forcing a run in the opposite direction.

When I realized a mirror hung advantageously on the foyer wall allowing me to see into the kitchen where they would lurk in anticipation of my catching them, I used that advantage quite well . . . until . . . middle child discovered it worked to his advantage also. Since this exercise program took place around 7:30-8:30 am, I wonder if any of the neighbors reported us to the authorities? As we escaped the scene soon after, I may never know. I convinced myself that most of the tenants were probably away at work or school as was our wonderful and gracious hostess.

Well, the opportunity for the chase, the exercise and the peals of giggles and laughter have continued since arriving at home. The back yard has again proved to be a larger playing field. I do not know how long we all participated this morning, but Grandma has become exhausted and a little while after our fun enterprise, Grandma was discovered napping on the couch in the living room--next to her still awake compatriots.

Ah! The joy of living! Oh, yes and the attendant benefits of losing a size or two in the clothing department. Score!


BUSH BABE said...

Outstanding - great mental picture too!!!

Pencil Writer said...

You're so sweet. Like my activities could even scratch the surface compared to what you do . . . branding calves, and the jillion other responsibilities you deal with day-in-day-out! And I'd love a pic of you, caked with unmentionable muck sipping a cuppa with your pinky extended. "Great mental picture!" Gotta love you, BB!

Bob said...

Wow, what a great way to get exercise. I'm in no hurry to have grandchildren but, hopefully, when my time comes, I can also have this benefit. I'm always looking for creative ways to lose weight!

Debby said...

Gosh, PW. Everybody's life is different. You may not be branding cattle, but you're certainly making your mark!