Sunday, June 28, 2009

Not Hiding

It's late. I've checked on my blog friends to see what they're up to. Didn't comment. But had pleasant visits catching up. I haven't exactly been hiding. Just overwhelmed with everything going on. Husband's still having some health issues. Don't know if they're related to the heart meds and/or implanted computer to keep his ticker ticking. Who knows?

But we have two daughters coming. In the next few days. One is bringing three very young and lively children ages 2, 4, and almost 6. The other is bringing one--expected to arrive on my birthday in January! It will be great to have all 4 children "home" once again for a while.

HOWEVER . . . I've been cleaning house like a mad woman. I've let things build up over sixty-leventy days, weeks, months, something like that--some of the stuff to be dealt with belongs to the four lovely offspring mentioned above. (Two live pretty close by.) So, I'm trying to unload what I can of theirs on them--though it seems they have little space to accommodate--less than we do???

I've seriously been de-junking, which means rediscovering sweet memories, finding (lost) misplaced items of necessity, tons of yarn and fabric just waiting for artistic and utilitarian projects to begin, and I have not time to describe it all.

Suffice it to say, I'm under the gun, and about half-way . . . maybe . . . done with the whole job. I'd really like to paint walls after the super cleaning that needs to take place after de-junking, but well . . . only if super woman flies through a window tomorrow morning, or perhaps a Harry Potter and/or Hermione with magic wands in hand appear, or perhaps the combined efforts of all the aforementioned characters . . . not to mention the need for several more bookcases to materialize, and shelves downstairs to house various craft items, including boxes and boxes of school paper, crayons, colored pencils, folders, etc., etc.

As an aside: My husband has accompanied me on several occasions when shopping for artistic tools and supplies. He's seen the glazed look of adoration and wonder that transforms my face into a trance of sorts. And he's said, "Why don't we just buy the store?"

I looked stupefied and asked, "Really? Why?"

"Because then you'd have all the sewing, crocheting, embroidery, paints, brushes, papers, cake decorating and everything else kind of supplies handy."

I was in shock. "Really?"

"Well, yeah. And, then you'd know where everything was and maybe, just maybe, we could sell some of it--to finance the rest."

I love my husband. He actually understood my fascination with craft stores. But then, I have a thing for hardware stores, too. Especially the really old ones. I could get lost daydreaming in places like that for weeks. I love tools, and bolts and screws and nails, pliers, screwdrivers, hammers. I better stop tangent-ing--that's what gets me in the trouble I'm in.

So . . . we're not quite done with doctors. I'm not quite done with house cleaning, re-arranging, and I've just begun on a ton of new Church callings which will tax my fledgling talents--if there are some there--to make it all work. Maybe I'll find a minute or two next month to update. Here's hoping. But, now, I'm getting ready to go to sleep.

Maybe that's why I'm so tired lately. And, NOT hiding.


Bush Babe said...

I wish someone would come and sort me out... man I need some sortin'!!!

Glad you are OK and hope hubby holds his own.
PS WV is "squeathn" - seriously. My mess is squeathn the life out of me!!!

Paula said...

Thanks for dripping by my preparedness blog - the starter I use is the yogurt I made thelast time. You can just buy some plain yogurt in the store and then use it.
I also tried freezing it and it still worked! I also have some powdered in my storage for emergency use.
For the receip scrolldown it is in a post just below.
Thanks! Paula

jeanie said...

lol - I am the same with some stores. dd actually admitted that she has an obsession with newsagencies and stationary stores!!