Friday, April 11, 2008

List of To Dos

I should post something terribly interesting today. Right. Well, yesterday I took several photos of flowers around the yard. Last week we had torrential downpours--8 inches in less than 24 hours. THAT is a huge amount of water in such a short time. Ground water seeped into our lowest level. NOT good. One of the things I was most displeased with was that so many of the flowering bushes in the yard were deflowered in the raining process. I'd planned to take some really cool pictures of the wisteria in full bloom. They were gorgeous. I'd begun a couple of weeks ago with picture taking of the early buds--rather odd looking before the blooms--and I was going to follow up with, well, the full blooms. Okay. I blew it. Maybe when they do the next bloom I'll get some. And then, they smell so good. Well, most of the azaleas were in full bloom, too. Both shrubs were blooming close together and smell so sweet and good! Done now! Sad.

(Oh, and last Friday, we had a tornado in the very close vicinity. Weather across the country has been absolutely WILD lately!)

However, I'll post some pics another day.

Today, I need to make a list of things to do.

1. Do laundry.
2. Shower/dress. (Wait on laundry to dress. Yeah. You know, favorite jeans are in the wash.)
3. Make banana bread with those very quickly ripening bananas.
4. Pack for the trip this afternoon to the in-laws place.
5. Correction. The place that used to be the in-laws. Now it's my husband's and his brother's.
6. Mail off the Income Tax form and payment. (Don't like this to-do the MOST.)
7. Pack all the books, papers, forms, etc. needed for Saturday's in-service meeting.
8. Email/call all 14 siblings to remind them of the fast/prayer we're holding in Mom's behalf this weekend. (Mom is 81, widowed for nearly 10 years now, and living alone. She needs more attention on a daily basis.)
9. Call Mom at 10 am and read scriptures with her. (We live several states away from each other, so the phone is an essential link.)
10. Pray for one sister and one brother who have serious issues regarding employment.
11. Pray for youngest daughter who's soon to graduate from college and needs to find employment of her own.
12. Pack things into the truck for the trip this pm.
13. Don't forget to take husband's library book back and find another for him.
14. Oh, yeah. Don't forget to eat. (Ha, ha. Sometimes I get busy and do forget. Then when my belly screeches for attention, or I feel like my blood-sugar level is way low, or I get one of those headaches, feeling like I'm going to pass out--well, some of you will know what I'm talking about.)
15. I'm already at #15? I know there are probably a jillion more things I should be listing here to help me remember everything I should plan to do today.
16. Print this list and add to it as necessary.

You really didn't want to read this list, did you. (That's a rhetorical statement. Isn't it? Or is that, rhetorical question?)

Hope your day/weekend is grand and fulfilling and fun and peaceful and filled with love and kisses and hugs and whatever you most need it to be.

P.S. Please forgive any misspelled words, poor grammar, and general failings. I haven't eaten yet. And I'm not proofing this post. We'll discuss my other myriad failings and shortcomings at a later time. Maybe.

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