Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Spring has Sprung! Act II

Check it out! Tiny, little, fuzzy, baby peaches! AND they've GROWN since I checked them out just last week!

It is such a gorgeous, beautiful day today! Oh. I also discovered after my glowing report of multitudinous little, baby peaches growing on this very tree . . . Well, it seems I was a bit overzealous in my description. I didn't find that many today after all. Sigh. Apparently--and I guess I really already knew this--but, there weren't too many little flying creatures out buzzing the peach blossoms early on. My entomologist daughter reminded me of the essential requirement bees and other winged creatures provide with the pollenization necessary. Back in December and January and even early February there just weren't too many of those flying critters around. So those slow-to-open peach blossoms were the smart ones. They waited for the bugs to do their thing. So, I guess the poor, confused tree won't be bowing down under a huge weight of excessive numbers of peaches, after all. Sigh.

But I do have some other pictures I took today that I think are pretty cool! My middle daughter (the entomologist) had to teach me--via the phone--how to "work" the camera to do the job I wanted it to do. Ain't technology--and family help--won'erful! I think so, too!

Here goes!

Don't you just LOVE the pristine, delicate beauty of these white azaleas! This shrub is very small, and mostly inconspicuous hiding near the end of our house close to the chimney.

This next gorgeous specimen, is located very close to the first. Flowers! I love them!

This precious cluster is surrounded by sister blossoms on our yellow plum tree.

This little beauty is a wild blackberry, or dewberry or something kin to them. The flowers and fruit are beautiful and yummy, in that order, but oh! the stickers on the vines! OUCH!

These little gems are, number one, some kind of flying insect--too cold to be disturbed by the several pictures I took while it braved the cool temp and wind here this afternoon. It's resting on number two, a rosemary blossom on one of the several rosemary plants I have--and love to use in my cooking!

This is my neighbors' redbud tree reaching out in front of one of their pine trees, just over the fence from our yard. (One of a few redbuds they have.) Sigh. Sniff. I miss my lovely redbud tree that the falling oak took out almost two years ago. I loved that tree!)

So, with all these pictures you can see why I'm so excited and loving Spring! Hope you have a great and beautiful Spring as well--even if your area is encased in ice and snow or other kinds of un-Spring-like weather at the moment. You can enjoy my Spring with me!


Ashley said...

I saw your blog from Corri's. I have to say we have been having the most beautiful weather up North. I am suprised especially when my friends in Dallas received snow fall last night. I do wish I had your peach tree. We had one when we lived in UT and it brought back a lot of memories from my childhood.

Danielle said...

Is this my Aunt V???? I say your comment on Bugs in the dessert, Grandma F so I thought hey, I bet that's my aunt!! now that i see Ashley commented you are!! How are you and uncle B??? It was so great seeing you at my bridal shower! You know when I think about Easter coming around I remember when went to your house! I miss your cooking! It's good to have so much family here blogging!

A said...

Wow - Those colours are just divine! That peach is especially cute :-)

Amy said...

Nice photos mom. I think your fly is a stratiomyiad, but I could be wrong, since I can't see the wing venation. Rest assured that it's a bee mimic whatever it is.

Pencil Writer said...

Amy, the colors were very pretty--on the bee-wanna be--kind of sparkly (iridescent)red/gold with a little green. I did so want to get the colors to show up, but the sun was in the wrong place to high-light it. I figured it was a fly of some sort, but appreciate your comments! Mom

debby said...


Spring. It's 50 here today, so I should not be beefing, but you got spring...and flowers...and bee-like beings.

We still got plenty of snow. I'm trying hard not to covet.